Zel Whiting

Zel Whiting is a 14-year-old climate change and media literacy advocate in Adelaide.

Zel was one of the founding members of School Strike for Climate in 2018, and is now focusing his efforts on Climate Emergency Declarations, recognising these as an essential stepping stone to mobilising communities to mitigate and adapt to climate change. He has been a key adviser to people both within Australia and internationally on the process of climate emergency motions being adopted by local government bodies.

Zel has collaborated with Cedamia to create a school climate emergency program, which was introduced by Teachers for Future Italy and rolled out nationally as part of their Global Strike action on May 24, 2019. Six months later the Italian government was the first in the world to introduce Climate Classes to the national curriculum.

Zel’s thoughts about Climate Justice have appeared in the UK Guardian, Sierra and The South China Morning Post.



“Declaring and responding to the climate emergency we are facing, actually is climate justice. Last years school strikes was the alarm being sounded, 2020 is about mobilisation and embedding a climate & biodiversity lens to everything we do.”



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The National Climate Emergency Summit will convene practitioners, advocates, governments, youth leaders and industry innovators to unpack what a climate emergency response could look like at local, national, and global levels.



Four strategic priorities will steer the Summit Program, presenting a focused conference program of plenary and breakout sessions.

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The Summit Program aims to attract a wide range of participants to help define and align key strategy and action that supports an emergency-scale transition.