Resetting the
Agenda IN 2021




To build on the momentum generated at the 2020 National Climate Emergency Summit and help reconnect and reset our action after an unprecedented year, NCESummit is hosting a public forum series in February 2021.

Reset.21 is a public forum series designed to advance and accelerate nationwide mobilisations to address the climate emergency and support the restoration of a safe climate.

In the wake of an unprecedented year, there has never been a more important time to reconnect and reset action to address the climate emergency.

As the intensity of the climate impacts and risks rapidly accelerate, the urgent need to establish nationwide emergency mobilisations that support the restoration of a safe climate is becoming increasingly clear each day. The level of action we take in the next few years is likely to determine our ability to provide local and global protection from the very real risk of runaway climate change.

In 2021, NCESummit will host a feature forum series targeting those seeking a higher resolution to the climate challenge. The Reset.21 forums will bring into sharp focus the current climate reality, and help elevate ‘next level’ responses that support emergency level action within the decade.

Drawing on insights and understandings from the recent pandemic emergency response, the forum series invites some of the world’s most contemporary thought leaders and climate practitioners to present the latest analysis and strategy insights.


View the full forum series program.



In February 2020 the National Climate Emergency Summit drew together practitioners, advocates, industry innovators, youth leaders, and government representatives from across Australia to explore and unpack what a climate emergency transition could look like at local, national, and global levels.

The diverse program set out to tackle critical issues spanning the political, economic, technical, and social change dimensions of initiating and undertaking a full-scale response to the climate emergency.

The Summit focussed on the pressing need to consolidate coordinated and cooperative approaches to form sound and effective responses – inviting communities, practitioners, and businesses to both challenge and assist governments to respond to the emergency we face.



Watch the 2020 Summit recordings from the Main Stage and tune in to podcasts of the Summit’s Breakout Session.